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Fundamentals of Horse Training

If you’re new to horse training, need to brush up on your techniques, or want to master your training by ‘going back to basics,’ this course is for you. Everything from terminology, essential groundwork, tools & tack, saddling, and mounting and riding your horse are covered here, in depth. We’ve even given you a DVD on horse whispering from world-renown expert Frank Bell.

Problem-Behavior Solutions

If your horse is driving you nuts with it’s problem behavior, you need a solution… and fast!! Utilize these incredible techniques to permanently eliminate your horse’s biggest issues for the safety of you, your horses, and everyone around you. No matter the problem you face, cribbing, bucking, jumping, chewing, biting, rearing, etc., you’ll find the solution for it right here.

Advanced Horse Psychology & Communication

Stumped by what your horse is thinking or how to communicate with your equine? This course on Advanced Horse Psychology & Communication will astound you. Get ‘in the head’ of your horse in no-time. We’ll show you how to establish herd hierarchy, read your horse’s body language, and how to give your horse instruction in the language that it understands.

Natural Horsemanship

These are the gentle and incredibly effective methods for communicating with your horse. Any big guru who tells you that you need to use force or aggression with your horse is dead-wrong. This course is going to show you how to humanely get your horse to move where you want it to go, at the speed you want it to move there. Includes cowboy dressage, the Pessoa method, and equine massage techniques.