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New This Month - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews |

You'll get access to: how to trailer load your horse (much requested), a 37 page PDF download of the natural horsemanship book that started it all, and an incredible interview with horse training legend, Etian Beth-Halachmy.
Total Videos: 9 + PDF Download

This month is all about creating a physical connection and emotional bond with your horse. Annabelle will show you how to do yoga with your horse and Ian Hewins will show you how to massage your horses.
Total Videos: 15

First, you'll get the entire online version of Melanie Watson's 'The Pessoa Method' DVD. Incredible information! Next, you'll hear from Jacqueline Freeman about natural equine movement. Annabelle teaches about specifics for foal training.
Total Videos: 11

With age comes experience. So, this issue focuses on the wisdom gained by year of experience from Jim Rea and Franklin Levinson. You'll also get instructions for caring for your elderly equine and creating an equine first aid kit... plus many videos to make you laugh!
Contains: 9 Videos

Here we focus on the fascinating subject of 'Horse Whispering.' What is it, how can you become a horse whisperer, and how you can learn from and become inspired by our amazing guest expert horse whisperers!
Contains 8 Videos

This issue is all about connecting with your horses on a deep, personal level. You've got to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. If you do so, you will learn some amazing things about your horse and yourself!
Contains 6 Videos

This issue focuses on what true horsemanship is. It's an honor to be working with these magnificent creatures and therefore, our horses deserve us honoring them back! Here's how...
Contains 13 Videos

Few things bring us more pride than having a beautiful horse. Whether in a professional show or simply trotting past the neighbors, these grooming techniques will extend the life of your horse and keep the heads turning!
Contains 5 Videos

Creating a bond with a horse is amongst life's greatest treasures. Additionally, it makes riding safer and incredibly more enjoyable. That's why this whole issue is focused on bonding with your horse while remaining in charge.
Contains 4 Videos

Often, we can get so bogged down with techniques and equipment and strategies that we lose sight of the purity and simplicity of riding! This issue is focused on getting us back on that track.
Contains 3 Videos

Reining is an art! With these world-class riders teaching you their ways, your abilities will increase dramatically.
Contains 3 Videos

It's time to focus on 'Poll Training!' In this issue, we delve into a little-known but oh-so-effective strategy. Check it out!
Contains 3 Videos

Have a specific training subject you'd like to learn about? If it's not covered on the site, we'll do our best to make a training video for you! Make your request here...

If you're a member of the exclusive access club, you're entitled to a 20 minute coaching call with Annabelle! For details on scheduling, click here.