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Exclusive Access Club - The 'Bonding With Your Horse' Issue - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews |

Al Dunning will shock you with his no nonsense approach and heart the size of Texas! We enjoyed every minute, and learned a ton! We know you will, too!
Playtime: 36m56s + 2 Bonus Videos

Here, you'll see a great example of someone who has a fabulous bond with her horse. Strive for the same!
Playtime: 43s

Learn old-time secrets from the masters. Unique people changing the world using horsemanship!
Playtime: 31m42s

Engage your horse, with games that will banish boredom and help create a lasting bond with your horse! Bring out your playful side, with this awesome 2-part video series - Play Catch!
Playtime: 20 Minutes + 2 Bonus Videos