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Exclusive Access Club - The 'Showing Off Your Horse' Issue - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews |

The always amazing Clinton Anderson shows off with his horse, "Mindy" in Las Vegas.
Playtime: 7m46s

Victoria Shoopman is a true horsewoman. She talks about proper training techniques and shares her secrets to get spectacular results every time! Turn your relationship with your horse into a true dance! Playtime: 33m5s + 2 Bonus Videos + Bonus eBook!

Dave Rossiter is going to teach you precisely what you need to do to speak the language of equuis. Find out what you need to do to step up your training to the next level!!
Playtime: 39m16s + 2 Bonus Videos!

This video shows off the tallest living horse. Pretty amazing!
Playtime: 42s

These are some of the most beautiful horses that you will ever see. It's inspiring to see what we should work towards in our grooming, breeding, and overall, gives us a sense of thankfulness for the wonderful creatures we work with!
Playtime: 3m24s