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Exclusive Access Club - The 'True Horsemanship' Issue - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews |

Elaine Ackerly is a life long horsewoman and advocate for horses everywhere. She helps horses voices be heard in a manner that is both healing and intuitive for all involved. Learn how to hear your horse's whisper!
Playtime: 33m5s + 2 Bonus Videos

Your horse needs frequent exercise, but should never be over-exercised. They aren't like dogs, where a tired dog is a happy dog. Here are 7 great exercises to develop a better all-around ride and healthier horse.
Contains 7 Videos

Take a look... the falls are... well... amusing :-) While we obviously don't ever want you to fall from your horse, if you ever do, you've got to just get back up and keep riding!
Playtime: 2m42s

This amazing & funny video will have you in awe of how intelligent these creatures really are! Playtime: 9m30s