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Exclusive Access Club - The 'Wise Old Years' Issue - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

Safety is the most important thing when riding! Having the right tools and knowledge of equine first-aid will help you act fast and save lives in the barnyard!
Playtime: 7m40s + 2 Bonus Videos

This video training will show you the proper way to care for your aging horse. Make sure your horse lives a long and healthy life! They'll love you for making sure they have proper tooth care, nutrition and love!
Playtime: 18m5s

Sometimes your horses will feel like they are part of the family. But is it possible to take it too far?
Contains: 1 Video

Jim Rea specializes in Natural Horsemanship training for the horse & rider. Learn about identifying pain in your horse, proper foot care + much more!
Playtime: 76m

This touching video will remind you that the experience you have with your horses will not be forgotten... by you or your equine!
Contains: 1 Video

In all his programs, Franklin teaches success with horses as life enrichment for the human as well as the horse. This resource is so jam packed with information critical to your success. Get out your note pad and be prepared to see some major shifts in your relationship with your horse.
Playtime: 55m54s

A funny video of a grumpy, hoof-stomping horse who can escape from it's barn stall!
Playtime: 1m58s