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The Fundamentals of Horse Training for Expert Performance - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

The focus of this module is to show you how to be the leader of your horse while being gentle, which is at the core of natural horsemanship. Your horse can sense emotion and intention, and it’s essential to express your dominance without hurting your equine or make him fearful... get ready to ride!
Playtime: 17m47s

Do you want to learn the basics of horse training? In this course module, we will be covering the fundamentals of groundwork. Groundwork is crucial and an integral part of natural horsemanship. You need to have good grasp of this before actually mounting the animal.
Playtime: 14m45s

All required tools and tack are discussed in depth in this training module. You’ll be a master at knowing how to use each of these items and how you can communicate with your horse using the proper equipment.
Playtime: 13m02s

Instilling appropriate ground manners is essential in horse training. These lessons are going to teach you round pen training and techniques for 'ground manners' that will make your horse training experience oh-so-enjoyable.
Playtime: 13m17s

Next to effectively communicating with the horse, groundwork is the second most important horse training concept that you should learn. In fact, through groundwork, you will learn to better communicate with your horse, and therefore, the two concepts work hand-in-hand.
Playtime: 29m37s

This course module is going to get you started and show you how to become an expert at working with your horse in the round pen. A beginner horseperson should always have a good grasp of groundwork before getting onto the saddle.
Playtime: 18:39

This video training will show you the proper techniques to warm up your horse before riding. Your horse will thank you!
Playtime:16m + 1 Bonus Video

Moving your horse’s feet is not only a movement exercise but also a way of establishing your dominance over the animal. In the equine world, there are followers and there are leaders, and as a horse trainer, you have to be the leader in every situation. You can achieve this while doing groundwork and by moving your horse’s feet.
Playtime: 3m27s

Lunging is critical to success in training your horse. Lunging enables you how to gauge how emotionally and mentally mature your horse is—whether or not they are ready to proceed to the next step.
Playtime: 6:34

Louise takes you to a whole new level of understanding concerning WHERE your horse's feet need to go & why! Learn exactly what lateral movement is and how you can apply it for success.
Playtime: 2m32s + 2 Bonus Videos

Bridling and saddling a horse is a very important part of educating your horse. It’s your job to know how to do it correctly. This training will show you how.
Playtime: 21m22s

Do you want to learn how to mount and ride your horse? It should be easy and fun if you know how to do it right. That’s what we’re here for! To teach you how to safely and properly mount and ride your equine!
Playtime: 15m29s

What are the ancient horse whispering secrets? What does horse whispering even mean? This course module is going to show you how to get started being a master horse whisperer!
Contains 3 Videos

You’ve mastered Lessons 1-11. Your horse is responsive and obedient, you’re both happy with how the relationship is progressing.What do you do now? Find out what steps to take, to bring you to a whole new level with your horse!
Playtime: 8m11s

Hannah Dawson teaches all about clicker training! Everything you would ever want to know regarding how you can train your horse with verbal cues, and why this method rocks!
Playtime: 44m37s + 1 Bonus Videos