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The Fundamentals of Horse Training for Expert Performance
How to Lunge a Horse - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com
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1. Why EHT?
If you’re dedicated to taking your horse training to ‘the next level,’ we’ve got the world’s largest celebrity faculty teaching the most comprehensive, “no-fluff,” “only-what-works” courses available.
2. What Kind of Classes?
We’ve got classes on fundamentals, problem solutions, advanced horse psychology, and natural horsemanship… Watch our awesome video tour for a full overview.
3. How Do I Start?
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Lunging enables you how to gauge how emotionally and mentally mature your horse is – whether or not they are ready to proceed to the next step.

Lunging is something that will help your equine to not only learn good pressure as far the rein the head control goes but also help the horse learn the different gaits and commands such as “whoa”. (“Whoa” is one the most important vocal commands that your horse will ever learn).

In this lesson we will also be covering

  • How to determine the correct length of your rope for lunging
  • Establishing the right conditions that will lead to the right ‘result’ you’re looking for when lunging a horse.
  • How to establish the right ‘mood’ for training. Doing this one thing can double and triple your horse’s memory retention towards what you want to teach them!
  • Easily control the speed of your horse so that you stay safe and your horse understands what you’re trying to communicate.
  • Tips, techniques, and special hints to get the most out of your lunging sessions.

And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it, and created the horse”

If you’ve ever wondered about lunging your horse, you’re in the right place!

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  1. Debbie Cox

    anna, my horse will not stay out of my space, and when he does he will go about one and a half turns then come back in to me, what do i do?

    • admin

      Debbie –

      This is an issue of not respecting you as a ‘lead mare’ in the herd. He needs to be rewarded ONLY when he has appropriate ground manners, NEVER for being in your space. Find out what motivates your horse and use that as a reward. Try doing ground work to help your horse understand pressure and correct rewards for correct behaviors.


    • admin

      Your horse needs to learn proper ground manners. Make sure you’re projecting yourself as the ‘lead mare’ in this circumstance. You’ll want to learn how to use your energy and intention to your advantage, and also to communicate properly about who’s boss and who gets to push who around. This type of behavior will only lead to more issues in the saddle. So make sure to nip it in the bud on the ground first!


  2. Libby L

    When I first watched this video I didn’t have the opportunity to test it on my horse straight away. Weeks later I tried with absolute fail, although I made sure my horse and I ended on a positive note. I revisited the video and thank God I did, I missed the part of wiggling my lunge rope to make my horse move out away from me. I went back to the paddock and gave it another go and perfect lunging from my horse and me.
    Thanks Annabelle

    • JohnBeede

      Thank YOU, Libby!

      Keep up the good work with your horse. <3


  3. Nicole c

    do I do everything the same way with a wild horse?