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Horse Psychology & Communication - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

Course Contents:

By educating yourself on how to connect with your horse by speaking their language, you are empowering yourself to correctly and productively work with horses.
Playtime: 5m38s + 2 Bonus Videos

Horse psychology is a concept that not a lot of horse trainers take into consideration. Yet to understand how a horse acts, you must understand how a horse thinks.
Playtime: 46m38s

You’re in for a treat. We’re featuring Barbra as our exceptional professional interview. Barbra is one of the world’s finest coaches and trainers, both for humans and horses! Learn her secrets in this interview.
Playtime: 42m24s + 2 Bonus Videos

Exclusive Interview with Barbra Schulte – Professional Cutting Horse Trainer and Performance Coach Extraordinaire! Barbra opened the lines for Q & A. You’ll get to listen in on other members’ questions!
Playtime: 58m58s

Laura teaches us everything we need to know to achieve success using our most important tool - our energy! Learn why having an 'open heart' and a grounded approach are crucial to success.
Playtime: 24m33s

Jim Rea specializes in Natural Horsemanship training for the horse & rider. Learn about identifying pain in your horse, proper foot care + much more!
Playtime: 76m

Lila Harding takes us deeper in the mind of equines! Experience the profound sensitivity of horses in a truly genuine way!
Playtime: 65m09s

This video training will help you to understand exactly how to use energy work to your advantage while training. Having an open heart and mind is critical to your success in bonding with your horse. Get a 'leg up' on your horse by learning these valuable techniques!
Playtime: 13m31s

Bini Abbott is here to talk abused horses and how she has saved thousands of horses lives through her life's rescue work. Learn about the inner workings of a rescue facility and how to deal with abused horses. Sometimes rescue horses are the BEST horses, Bini proves it! Save a horse today!
Playtime: 42m39s + 1 video!

Truly connect with your horse on a level you never knew possible. Louise teaches horsefolks of every level how to remedy blocks in their relationships, advance their lives through equines, and define true horsemanship within themselves. Even the most advanced horseman will leave with nuggets of gold.
Playtime: 41m54s + 1 video!

Lindsey Scofield is one of the few 'traveling' Natural Horsemanship practitioners who actually places importance on individual time spent with the horse and rider. She will teach techniques that will insure you are at the top of the herd & respected by your horses.
Playtime: 31m23s

Look up horse whispering in the dictionary and Rick Gore's smiling face will be peering back at you. Be sure to listen and take notes, because this interview is 45+ minutes of pure knowledge you can put into use today!
Playtime: 50m11s