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Horse Psychology & Communication
Communicating with the Herd - with Lindsey Scofield - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

1. Why EHT?
If you’re dedicated to taking your horse training to ‘the next level,’ we’ve got the world’s largest celebrity faculty teaching the most comprehensive, “no-fluff,” “only-what-works” courses available.
2. What Kind of Classes?
We’ve got classes on fundamentals, problem solutions, advanced horse psychology, and natural horsemanship… Watch our awesome video tour for a full overview.
3. How Do I Start?
It’s simple! Just click this button and follow the instructions on the next screen:

Traveling Horsemanship?? Lindsey Scofield goes where most trainers don’t dare!

She offers personalized, 1-2-1 training for even the most novice of riders.

Lindsey Scofield is unique in her trade. She is one of the few ‘traveling’ Natural Horsemanship practitioners who actually places importance on individual time spent with the horse and rider. She has been practicing the methods of Pat Parelli, Buck Brannamen and Clinton Anderson, but on a much more personal level! She knows how to communicate with horses like the back of her hand and has simplified the steps for even the most novice of trainers to be able to apply and see results. Her quality, personal approach and years in the industry, make this interview a valuable one indeed! We’ll go over some very basic moves that Lindsey uses with all her clients, and she’ll also share some powerful information on how she guarantees success with all her clients.

Some of the things you’ll discover in this month’s lesson are…

  • 3 techniques that will insure you are at the top of the herd & respected by your horses
  • Foundational skills that you will kick yourself for not applying sooner. They’re simple and SO effective!
  • Why relinquishing the hindquarters is so important
  • #1 Reason horses behave badly – you’ll be surprised!!

Your bonus videos and downloads would be here if you had this course. Get it now.

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