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Horse Psychology & Communication
Turning Fear Into Calm - Part 1 - with Barbra Schulte - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

1. Why EHT?
If you’re dedicated to taking your horse training to ‘the next level,’ we’ve got the world’s largest celebrity faculty teaching the most comprehensive, “no-fluff,” “only-what-works” courses available.
2. What Kind of Classes?
We’ve got classes on fundamentals, problem solutions, advanced horse psychology, and natural horsemanship… Watch our awesome video tour for a full overview.
3. How Do I Start?
It’s simple! Just click this button and follow the instructions on the next screen:

Exclusive Interview with Barbra Schulte – Professional Cutting Horse Trainer and Performance Coach Extraordinaire!!

Have you ever been to a professional rodeo and seen the magic of barrel racing at its finest? The energy of those horses is spectacular! It takes a ton of training and connection to reach that level of competition. Barbra teaches it every day!

Have you ever wondered how you can connect with your horse on a whole different level? You’re in for a treat. We’re featuring Barbra as our exceptional professional interview. Barbra is one of the world’s finest coaches and trainers, both for humans and horses! Learn her secrets in this interview, only available with EasyHorseTraining.com!

“Turn Fear Into Calm – Building Confidence in You & Your Horse!“ It’s a full 59 minutes of training, including a very special time when Barbra opened the lines for Q & A after the class. Folks from all over the world brought their best questions!!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get!!!

  • How to mix riding and personal performance
  • Encouragement to take your riding to the next level
  • Tips on how to get your horse to load with ease…every time!
  • Practical secrets to riding that work
  • Key Strategies for true horsemanship
  • Great ways to turn your horse’s fear into team work
  • The ONE thing that you probably aren’t thinking about that will UP your riding skills immensely

Your bonus videos and downloads would be here if you had this course. Get it now.

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