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Advanced Natural Horsemanship - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

Course Contents:

Do you like bodywork? So does your horse! Learn exactly what Equine Natural Movement can do for your riding.
Playtime: 39m53s

If you’re looking for an effective and proven way to increase your riding ability, work with distressed and abused horses, ride lighter, and more, then ‘Essential Horsemanship’ is for you!
Playtime: 51m38s

This young trainer is turning heads and taking names with his old fashioned, yet incredibly compelling & practical methods. Learn how to apply simple & effective techniques that are guaranteed to work! Adapt your training to your horse’s individual needs.
Playtime: 29m48s + 2 Bonus Videos

This man is pure poetry in motion. Eitan knows his stuff. Well known for his “Cowboy Dressage” & quality horses, Eitan was generous enough to share some of his serious horse training secrets.
Playtime: 41m36s + 3 Bonus Videos

In all his programs, Franklin teaches success with horses as life enrichment for the human as well as the horse. This resource is so jam packed with information critical to your success. Get out your note pad and be prepared to see some major shifts in your relationship with your horse.
Playtime: 55m54s

Tai Chi is an ancient practice that dates back 1000's of years. Learn how you can apply simple shifts and Tai Chi to your riding for astonishing results!
Playtime: 21 Minutes + 2 Bonus Videos

Learn everything you need to know about how to train with the Pessoa method. These new and effective techniques are guaranteed to take your training to a whole new level.
6 Chapters

Engage your horse, with games that will banish boredom and help create a lasting bond with your horse! Bring out your playful side, with this awesome 2-part video series - Play Catch!
Playtime: 20 Minutes + 2 Bonus Videos

Curt Pate talks about using Mother Nature as your best teacher and so much more! Rethink your tactics for stellar results!
Playtime: 28m47s + 2 Bonus Videos

Josh Lyons is gonna blow your socks off with some of most helpful information ever recorded! Learn from one of the greatest 'horse whisperers' of all time! Your horse will love you for it!
Playtime: 41m20s + 2 Bonus Videos

Have you ever wished you could have a 1-on-1 coaching session with an international Olympic dressage coach like Jane Savoie? Well, you can! It’s all here in this interview. We’ve got some incredible stuff in store for you here.
Playtime: 46m + 4 Bonus Videos

Have you ever been concerned about how to ride safely and ensure you and your horse stay injury free? If so, you're going to love this interview with Dr. Robert M. Miller, a world-renowned speaker and author on horse behavior and natural horsemanship.
Playtime: 50 Minutes

This 3-part training on equine massage will improve your horse's health and allow you to connect with your equine on a level that you never dreamed possible.
Contains: 3 Modules

Learn how to properly care for your horse's hooves. Everything from cleaning to trimming is described here!
Playtime: 17m18s + 1 Bonus Video

Cameron Meissner knows his stuff when it comes to training high end reigning horses for competition. Take your training to a whole new level, by learning Cameron's exact techniques!
Playtime: 33m5s + 2 Bonus Videos

Al Dunning will shock you with his no nonsense approach and heart the size of Texas! We enjoyed every minute, and learned a ton! We know you will, too!
Playtime: 58m45s

Learn all about Poll Gentling and how it can help you bond with your horse and gain greater results quicker in your training. You'll want to head out to the pasture and try these techniques right away!
Playtime: 19m26s + 1 Bonus Videos

Learn techniques and tips to train your horse the right way. Anna Twinney will teach you how to bond with your horse in a very unique and effective way!
Playtime: 10m48s + 1 Bonus Videos

Learn a ton of awesome techniques and advanced advice from Dressage Professional, Peggy Judy! Peggy delves into all sorts of goodies from her 30+ of training experience.
Playtime: 28m18s