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Advanced Natural Horsemanship
Basic Natural Horsemanship - with Hadrien Dykiel - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

1. Why EHT?
If you’re dedicated to taking your horse training to ‘the next level,’ we’ve got the world’s largest celebrity faculty teaching the most comprehensive, “no-fluff,” “only-what-works” courses available.
2. What Kind of Classes?
We’ve got classes on fundamentals, problem solutions, advanced horse psychology, and natural horsemanship… Watch our awesome video tour for a full overview.
3. How Do I Start?
It’s simple! Just click this button and follow the instructions on the next screen:

Learn how to apply simple & effective techniques that are guaranteed to work! Adapt your training to your horse’s individual needs.

Hadrien Dykiel isn’t a household name…yet. This young trainer is turning heads and taking names with his old fashioned, yet incredibly compelling & practical methods. Learn how to adapt the steps you’re currently taking to be totally custom tailored to your horse’s needs! You’re also going to learn why applying patience is so important…and tons more down home tidbits that will have any horseman correctly and swiftly training their horses! Here are a few of the things you’ll learn about in this month’s lesson.

  • The difference between your horse’s ‘thinking brain’ & ‘reacting brain’ – & why this is SO important
  • How to get your horse to be respectful – on the ground & in the saddle
  • Hands down the best way to train your horse
  • Why Groundwork is critical to bonding – you’ll be surprised you didn’t already think of this!

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  1. Vicki J

    The video #1 is too dark to see & the volume is too low to hear. The 2nd video is fine but I have had so many issues with Easy Horse Training that I would like a refund of the money already paid out ($77 & $97) plus the membership fee taken out for this month. This is not worth all the problems.