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Equine Massage - with Ian Hewins - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

A horse that is free of pain and moves fluidly is critical for a positive experience when riding and also while working your horse from the ground. Many issues that may seem like the horse is being cranky or unwilling can be solved by helping the horse to be free of it's physical encumberments. There are many ways you can be aware of what may be upsetting your horse.
Playtime: 45m56s + 2 Bonus Videos

Here, Ian Hewins goes even further into his massage techniques for horses. These are vitally important in preventing horse injury, releasing toxin build-up, and creating a bond with your equine.
Playtime: 23m01s + 3 Bonus Videos

This video training will show you proper techniques to massage your equine. Not only could you extend your horse's life and increase it's well-being, but your horse will love you for the great massage!
Playtime: 22m05s+ 3 Bonus Videos