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Solving Problem Behavior - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com

Understanding horse behavior

Horses are stunning animals with unique abilities and characteristics. Due to their distinct personality traits, horses exhibit different behaviors. It is, therefore, critical to study the behavior of horses to understand them better.

At Easy Horse Training, we provide extensive videos and information for you to identify, comprehend and solve horse behavior problems.

Course Contents:

Before getting into specific issues, you should understand these 4 overarching principles for solving problems in horses.
Playtime: 6m27s

Learn how to efficiently deal with even the most difficult training problems you may face.
Playtime: 48m43s + 4 Bonus Videos

Horses are large, dangerous animals, & fear associated with riding is common. It's important to be fully confident and present when riding and bonding with your horse. This video will help you forget about your fears!
Playtime: 9m49s + 3 Bonus Videos

Al Dunning will shock you with his no nonsense approach and heart the size of Texas! We enjoyed every minute, and learned a ton! We know you will, too!
Playtime: 36m56s + 2 Bonus Videos

Master training with nothing but a rope halter. Learn techniques you’ll find nowhere else on earth!! Our special guest Melanie Watson tells all…
8 Chapters

Teach your horse how to have the confidence to solve any problem for itself. Through the process of desensitizing, your equine will have the courage to tackle any task you ask of it. No more bucking, balking, not crossing water or refusing to load in the trailer!
Playtime: 9m58s

Head-tossing is dangerous! Learn how to stop your horse from tossing it's head now!
Playtime: 5m57s + 1 Bonus Video

Ever wanted to ask Annabelle your very own question? Is there something specific in your training techinique you just have to know about? Now’s your chance! Annabelle answers YOUR questions!
Playtime: 8m42s + 1 Bonus Video

To treat or not to treat? Annabelle covers this controversial issue and lets out all the stops. Find out how to use food as your friend, and what's best for your horse!
Playtime: 6m38s + 1 Bonus Video

This is the second installment of 'Ask Annabelle.' You're going to learn how to desensitize your equine to fly spray, how to calm a fearful horse with no previous human contact, and how to establish herd hierarchy in problem horses.
Playtime: 8m43s

If you're looking for a proven way to solve problem behavior with your horses, this interview will give you proven techniques to help your horses understand what you want from them… every time. Kelli Paulson is an expert at problem solving with horses and shares her best tips.
Playtime: 34m36s + 1 Bonus Video

If your horse is behaving badly with it's feet, then you HAVE to check out this month's video. It's going to banish your bad foot behavior problems for GOOD!
Playtime: 9m39s

Cribbing is a serious and dangerous habit. Learn how to prevent & stop cribbing before it starts! Keep your horse safe and mentally happy no matter what type of housing situation you have available.
Playtime: 8m21s

If the buck needs to stop here with your horse's bucking, combine the skills you'll learn in this short-and-sweet video with the principles you find in the rest of this course. Problem solved!
Playtime: 2m38s

If you've ever saddled a cinchy horse, you know it's not fun! Eradicate cinch issues once and for all by understanding why they occur and how to solve them. Your horse will thank you!
Playtime: 5m54s + 1 Bonus Videos

Get your horse to stop being barn sour! Annabelle teaches you exactly what to do to get your horse to gain confidence and ride on out.
Playtime: 14m15s + 2 Bonus Videos

Stop the dangerous and hard-to-break-habit of rearing, once and for all! Learn everything you need to know regarding rearing - why it happens, and how to stop it!
Playtime: 9m14s + 2 Bonus Videos

Make even a hard task like trailer loading...simple! Creativity feeds success, and all you need to do is apply it! Learn awesome tips on how to make trailer loading a success.
Playtime: 17m39s