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Solving Problem Behavior
Coping with Fear in Riding - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews | EasyHorseTraining.com
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1. Why EHT?
If you’re dedicated to taking your horse training to ‘the next level,’ we’ve got the world’s largest celebrity faculty teaching the most comprehensive, “no-fluff,” “only-what-works” courses available.
2. What Kind of Classes?
We’ve got classes on fundamentals, problem solutions, advanced horse psychology, and natural horsemanship… Watch our awesome video tour for a full overview.
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Are you a fearful rider? Learn to remove fear and maintain confident riding!

I’ve had so many people ask me about different types of fear in their riding. So we made a video that talks about the exact steps you must take to remove fear, and have a healthy mindset when in the saddle. Horses are large, dangerous animals, & fear associated with riding is common. It’s important to be fully confident and present when riding and bonding with your horse. In this month’s video, we’ll help you forget about your fears!

Some of the things we’ll cover in this video are –

  • Different types of fear – ‘What sort of scared am I?’
  • Fear management techniques
  • How to be in control and feel safe
  • How to build confidence in you and your horse!

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  1. Suzanne D

    When cantering on the moor my horse may not resoond to my request/aides that she not choose the more rocky path and she may stumble

    • JohnBeede

      Start with the basics. If she’s not responding at a canter, go back to a walk or trot and don’t move up to a canter till she’s responsive at lower speeds.