FAQ - Horse Training Videos, DVDs, & Expert Interviews |

1. What is and how does this site/program work?

EHT is a complete & thorough training course for horse owners and lovers alike who are serious about a long term, quality relationship with their horse. Horse folk who put this course to use, will have a deeper, more symbiotic relationships with their equine family than the old bloke “breaking” their animal with clumsy outdated and down right harmful techniques. Whether you are just beginning or have years of experience, EHT gives you every tool, technique and piece of advice you’ll need to train and own a quality, safe horse.

2. How DO I train my horse?

Everything that you need to know to train your horse is included in the EHT course. No matter what your skill set, you’ll find immediate resources to put to use and help you and your horse on the road to successful relationships.

3. How do I get access to the Interviews on this site?

You can get access to the one-of-a-kind interviews by purchasing the EHT course. These interview are jam packed with info you need to know to train your horseā€¦and they are ONLY available at

4.How can soon can I start training my horse?

Immediately! With our time tested techniques, all you have to do is purchase this course, put it to action, and you’ll be on your way to serious success in your relationship with your equine. It does take time to learn the methods and implement them, but with EHT, you have absolutely everything you need to work with your horse.

6. How do I contact someone if I have a specific question?

You will have access to our experts, who can help with specific questions you may have about your horse’s behavior.

7. What expensive, special tools do I need to train my horse?

You wont need anything super pricey or fancy. A round pen, a lunge whip and line and your horse are really all you need. The tools you will be developing will be with in you. Learning to speak your horse’s language is the most critical tool you can possess.

8. What’s the easiest way possible to make this happen?

Buy the course today and stop all that annoying guesswork. We’re the real deal!

9. How do I get started?

Simply click HERE to become a member today! You’re literally one click away from having the horse of your dreams!