Common Horse Riding Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

young-girl-riding-a-horseHorse riding isn’t as easy as it seems. Experienced riders have put in years to master the art of horseback riding and they are well aware of the things that can go wrong.

While making these mistakes can immediately brand you as a rookie, they can also put your safety at risk.

Read on to explore a few of the most common mistakes riders make, and how you can avoid them:

Holding Onto The Reins Too Firmly

No matter how much you hold back, the horse is always going to try to go faster. When you try to hold onto the rein tighter, the horse’s head is held higher, his mouth opens up and he won’t relax.

It is better to leave some slack in the reins to give some relief to your horse. Let him relax. Remember the reins are not a manual brake, they don’t work that way. They are supposed to help you communicate with your horse. If the horse still persists on going fast, you need a more beginner-friendly horse with low energy.

Poor Posture

Another common mistake most riders make is maintaining a bad posture. This includes sitting with your shoulders slouched, pushing too hard in the stirrups or sitting with your legs pushed forward.

young-woman-on-horseThe right position is when your heels, calves, hips and shoulders are aligned vertically. Your legs should be relaxed along the sides of the horse, not sticking forward or outwards. Your horse is able to pick cues from your calves and heels more easily.

Not Looking Where You Are Headed

Even the most experienced riders often forget to look where they are going. While learning comes with a number of critical things to look out for, one of the most important things is to look where you are going. Focusing too much on your legs or hands will prevent you from controlling your horse and consequently, from enjoying your ride. Instead, keep your head up and eyes forward. You will be surprised how your horse picks up on your sense of direction.

Also, don’t let your horse take advantage of you. If you feel that your horse snatches grass while riding, nips at your fingers or at times you need to move so that he doesn’t step on you, he needs more training.

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