Dealing With A Misbehaving Pony

Horses are powerful beasts that need a good deal of training.

If you own a horse, you need techniques to deal with bad behavior. This is similar to taming a misbehaving child.

It requires a great deal of patience, tact and care to discipline the horse’s behavior and ride it in style.

We explain how you should respond if your horse does not listen to you, or is out of control.

  • Are you holding the horse’s reins too high or pulling at its mouth? The horse will get edgy if you pressed your legs too tight around its abdomen. Release the death grip and relax.
  • Ride the horse in a circle or figure 8. This will send your horse the message that you are the leader. Do not haul at its head. It will make them more
  • Think of what is causing your horse’s insecurity. An upcoming storm, a loud noise or a rival horse may be the reason why your horse is acting up.
  • Make an emergency dismount if your horse is rearing and putting you in danger of getting hurt. But do not surrender its reins. Controlling a horse from the ground gives you an upper hand on your horse’s motions.
  • Look for causes of discomfort. Is there a sharp point in the saddle or any part of the tack that is hurting your horse? Inspect its hooves to find any foreign bodies, ulceration or bruises.
  • The horse may not like using extra aids like spurs or double bridle, so you want to remove those to put your horse back into its comfort zone.
  • If you are riding a horse you have not ridden before, it may not respond well to you or obey your signals the way your own horse does. Change your riding style to suit the horse’s psyche and develop a rapport with it by rewarding it with a treat.
  • If you have tried everything but the rough behavior continues, consult a veterinarian as the horse may be experiencing a physical problem or an internal injury.

Taming a horse is not an uphill task, if you have the knowledge of its control, motions and emotions. Easy Horse Training provides you information on horse behavior, offering online tutorials on how to train horses. From beginner’s training to advance lessons on horse psychology, we cover it all. Get yourself registered today!

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