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Some of Our Latest Success Stories

Brilliant, in a word. Everything you need to know to train your horses. Very well thought-out and very helpful. There is not a better place to be. Stick with Annabelle and you will not regret it. I certainly haven’t.

Janie Williams, Domeryat, France

It’s perfect… rather than hiring some over-priced trainer, I just login and take classes that are amazing, whenever I want to. I recommend it to anyone who wants to safely ride their horses.

Suzanne Rawlings, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

I am rediscovering my passion for horses along with both my young daughters. Annabelle’s tips, advice & explanations are simply brilliant as we 3 girls live with & love horses together. Thank you making it possible for all of us to understand, appreciate, and work with our horses – it’s absolutely awesome!

Penny Johnson, Cooktown, Cape York, Far North Australia

I’ve only enrolled for the courses as of yesterday, but what I’ve seen so far, it is absolutely the best. You know, I’m starting from scratch because I wasn’t into horses. My wife got a horse and learning with her and “Tango” is a completely new experience… that’s where the big ugly horse bug bit me! I bought a registered appaloosa, fetched her and brought her home. That’s when I started to look for courses. Yours is the best.

Gerrie Du Plooy, District Graskop, South Africa

Holy Moly! What a great learning tool for horse and rider. I have learned so many things in such a short time. Training that works! Thanks a bunch!

Jenn Bevan, Ontario, Canada

You know, at first, I was a bit skeptical. I thought I had been through just about every training that’s out there! Until I saw Annabelle….. I tried it! It worked! Everything is explained to full detail, and you get very positive results! People think they “know it all” when it comes to the fundamentals of horse training… but believe me- there’s many things you don’t know! I was one of those people.

Monica Cast, Spring Creek, Nevada, USA