Going Through Warm-up Exercises Before The Actual Training – Yay Or Nay?

Athletes require time to develop physical and mental strength to perform even the most basic tricks or exercises. The same is the case with our equine partners. They require time to develop the strength necessary to perform something as simple as a hack through the countryside.horselonge377884347

If you are training your horse for entering in an upper level competition or horse show, do so with a gentle hand. You’re expecting not only the horse’s complete attention and focus, but a high degree of physical exertion as well.

This is why most professional horse trainers include warm-up exercises in their equine’s regular routine which helps the animal relax and perform better in the actual training.

Yet we cut back the intensity of these exercises and sometimes even abandon them altogether as our horse advances in training and gets stronger and steadier. This is a bad idea. In fact, horse trainers should include warm-up exercises in the daily routine of their horses, permanently.

Why Are Warm Up Exercises Important?

The advancement level of your horse’s training doesn’t matter. You will be placing physical and mental stress on the animal every time you ride.

These stresses are increased every time the horse is led from the grooming rack and headed straight off into strenuous training. This is why undergoing a daily warm up routine as part of the training will help relieve your horse of stress.

Following are some effective warm-up exercises that can be used by horse trainers.


Horse trainers typically use this technique to help their horse burn off excess energy before riding them. Additionally, longeing is also an effective conditioning and training tool. It can improve bend in your horse. If you want to teach your horse obedience to voice aids and increase fitness, longeing is the best way to go about it.

Under Saddle

Trainers replace other techniques in favor of this one when their horse has reached a certain level of training. The warm-up begins with a walk – long and low, at first. The point of this warm-up exercise is to engage and prepare haunches for moving and carrying weight of the horse’s forehand.

Below are some helpful tips to consider when walking your horse through warm-up exercises.

  • Use a long rein.
  • Alternate the pace of the walk.
  • Make serpentines and circles smaller after 10 minutes.
  • For best results, conduct warm-up exercises for 15 minutes, at least.

Warm-up is as important as the actual training routine. Make sure your horse gets the full benefit of warm-up exercises by walking the animal through the best exercises according to training level.

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