How NOT to Train Your Horse

Just as every horse breed is different, all horses aren’t the same in terms of behavior.

As a horse rider, you will come across horses that are easy, and some that will make horse riding difficult. The best ones to ride are old and experienced horses.

That’s because they possess maximum riding experience and will let go off mistakes of a newbie horse rider. On the other hand, young and untrained horses are the toughest to ride unless they have been meticulously strapped.574bf36185008

The idea behind taking horse riding lessons is to improve and avoid horse riding mistakes, or learn how not to commit slip-ups at all. However, the usual trend is to do things wrong, and then learn the right way.

Here are some tips on how you SHOULDN’T be riding your horse:

Not Establishing Trust and Confidence

Before you plan on training your horse, work on establishing trust and confidence. It is very important for your horse to trust you 100%. The best way to do so is by spending time with him or her. Also, take them for a walk. This helps build trust. Remember, the right time to train a horse is just when it starts trusting and bonding with you.

Assuming That the Trainer’s Technique Is the Only Way to Train Horses

When newbie horse owners begin encountering problems with their horses, they look for answers.  And the first place they end up looking for information is online. Every horse riding guide is different and filled with varying techniques.

However, when you come across a certain technique, you assume it to be the only right way – this is certainly not the case. There have been instances when a horse fails to respond to a certain technique. As a horse rider, you must understand that there are countless ways of training horses to make them learn a single thing. If a certain technique fails, do not hesitate to try new ones.

Not Riding Enough

The primary reason why your horse may not ride well is because you don’t ride them enough. You need to ride often. And by that we don’t mean once in two weeks, but on a daily basis. Start small; about 20 minutes first. Then slowly increase your riding time.

Believing That a Problem with the Horse Is the Horse’s Fault

horse-riding-techniquesHorses have problems too – which is normal. However, it is wrong to assume that your mount is at fault every time.

For example, if you are coming across the ‘Barn Sour’ problem, a condition where the horse shows resistance to ride far off home, it may be simply because you cannot exercise control over your horse. So, using the Doubling technique can help you in this case.

Horse training is time consuming and requires patience. Are you passionate about horse riding and want to polish your training fundamentals? We have some of the best horse training tips to help riders like you. At Easy Horse Training, you get a free 14-day trial and access to horse training videos, techniques, trainings. Get a site tour or contact us for a free trial today!

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