Training a Senior Horse – The Basics

Probably the strongest and the most educated horses in the lot – senior horses are a prized possession for horse lovers.

They are intelligent, confident and uncomplaining. With an unsurpassed understanding of movements, they are compassionate to a novice rider’s mistakes. Contrary to what most people believe, senior horses aren’t worn out; they actually have a lot to offer from their experience.

574c12d27bd0eHowever, most trainers spend little or no time with their horses as they age. Failing to understand that senior horses are gold, they neglect them. Nonetheless, with adequate care, nourishment and training, senior horses can flourish into their 20s and afar, survive longer and have more dynamic lives.

If you’re wondering how’s that possible, here are a few tips to help you keep your senior equine friend fit and young:

Pass Your Horse through a Preliminary Daily Check

Prior to getting your horse back into optimum working condition, find out how active it is. Learn about its eating, drinking habits and behaviors. Also, closely examine its health and physical condition. This includes looking for common old-horse problems such as skin infections. If you find any, get it treated as soon as possible, and if not, get it moving.

Make your horse practice from stretching exercises. By assessing its capacity to stretch muscles, you will be able to understand what it can handle. However, remember that horses have good and bad days too. So, observing them for a couple of days would be wise.

Arthritis is a common problem among older horses. And such horses need longer time to heal and loosen up themselves painlessly to exercise well. Much like humans, horses feel lethargic and fatigued at the start of the day, but once they get moving, they get energetic.

Work on Your Goldie’s Exercising Schedule

While exercising is great for strengthening the horse’s limbs and body, over-exercising can be worse for your old horse!

While the horse may be ready and willing to exercise as much as you want it to, things can take an upturn any time, so be wary.

As a horse trainer, it’s imperative not to assume that your old horse can bear a rigorous training session. Begin by testing your horse’s capability to handle lateral work. Prepare him and begin your workout routine, but pay attention to your horse’s needs. Take a flexible approach.

A lenient and tolerant workout regime for your old horse is the ultimate way to keep it fit and healthy. You can begin the sessions with circles in hand in order to draw out his body muscles, and some modest shoulder and thigh exercises to recover the posterior legs. If the horse performs better day by day, you can gradually increase the sessions.

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