Understanding And Training Dominant Horses

While riding, if you lose control of your horse, you encounter a single mind-numbing reaction: terror.

We’ve come across riders that counter such aggression by instantly jerking the horse. As frustrating it sounds, this move just doesn’t do any good.

upset-horse-in-nature-ready-to-chargeAggressive horses are tough to tackle. They don’t like being controlled and pushed around. However, it doesn’t mean that the horse cannot be controlled or trained.

There are ways to training your equine companion.

But here’s some news: Horses aren’t dominating at all – at least not with their trainers.

Let’s unveil some facts about so-called ‘dominant’ horses and what causes the trainers to falsely believe in this myth:

Horses Can Be Aggressive, But Not Dominant

In some situations, horses tend to show aggression, which stems from various things. However, it is important to note that aggression can be an intricate problem. For now, you must understand that as a rider, aggression and dominance are two different emotions.

So, there’s the thing: If your horse shows aggression, being aggressive in return may help a little or may not work at all.

You can easily conceal an aggressive behavior. However, suppressed behavior doesn’t equal to changed behavior. It is very much there but you just can’t see it anymore. If the same causes and conditions reappear, the aggression can strike back.  To prevent this from happening, obtain pertinent horse riding training and master the fundamentals to set things on the right foot.

Bad Ground Manners Is Not the Sign of a Dominant Horse

Dominance is not a horse trying to drag you, stepping on your foot, restraining its ears, and kicking, biting or swirling its hairy tail in the air.

When a horse, or just about any animal, acts in a certain manner and it’s reinforced, they are likely to keep doing it again and again. That’s how learning takes place.

Let’s take a very basic example here: if your horse pulls the rope to lead 5 meters ahead to eat grass, it’ll repeat doing so for the sake of eating grass – and that’s not dominance. As a matter of fact, horses do not dominate people, or more specifically their trainers. The game is quite simple for them: learn and practice things that actually work for them.

We’re sure that this information reinstates your passion for your horse. Get access to natural horsemanship techniques, horse training courses and DVDs at our website. We have some amazing horse training experts revealing insider tips so that you can train your horse effectively.

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